Friday, August 27, 2021

Self Advocacy Rocks!!! Monthly Blog Post With Bridget Brown

 The importance of self-advocacy is to have the:

● Ability to make decisions that affect your life

●The Knowledge to use effective communication skills to get what you need

● Ability to access available supports when needed

Each month Family Matters Parent Training and Information Center will host a Blog post written by Bridget Brown. Bridget Brown is a young woman with Down syndrome who captures the attention of everyone with her vitality and confidence.  Bridget travels the country as an inspirational, public speaker. She speaks to audiences of students, teachers, parents, and administrators. In her keynote presentation, “Dwell in the Possibilities,” Bridget shares her incredible journey as the first person with a disability included in general education classes in her school district. She also speaks on a variety of topics that focus on living full and exceptional lives. Bridget founded an advocacy organization that is dedicated to helping people with disabilities find their voices so they can share their hopes and dreams with others.  

You can read more about Bridget by clicking here

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