Tuesday, September 7, 2021


 Being born with Down Syndrome has never stopped me from reaching my dreams and goals in life.  Down Syndrome is a disability that impacts every part of my life and creates both challenges and opportunities.   It is not easy to have a disability, because I have to work hard to succeed and sometimes people can put limits on my potential. However, I have learned so much on my journey and my life is filled with many blessings.


I was one of the first students fully included in my school district and community. Inclusion means that I was a full member of the general education classroom with my peers and I learned everything that other kids my age learned. I participated in any of the activities I was interested in and felt like a full participant.  Inclusion changed my life and opened doors for me that were previously closed for people with disabilities. People opened their doors, minds, and hearts to include me and I am grateful. 


Now, I live a full life in my community. I have a few jobs, I am involved in clubs, I volunteer and I am a board member for a few organizations.  Butterflies for Change is my own organization. I do public speaking and inclusion training around the country. I encourage people to think about inclusion of people with disabilities in a new way and give everyone a chance to fully participate in their school and community.


  I have learned a lot of amazing things on my journey and I want to share them with others who are designing their own lives.


In this blog I will share lots of success strategies that might be helpful for others. My strategies are things I did in my own life that helped me. I will also share many ideas about inclusion, person-centered
planning to design your own life, finding your voice, and learning to fly with full wings. I hope I can contribute and inspire people to dwell in the possibilities.


I am passionate about helping people with disabilities find their own voice and live full and exciting lives. I believe people with disabilities can be strong self-advocates and also, they can contribute in many ways in their community and be leaders. 

Bridget Brown 8/28/21 

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