Friday, October 1, 2021


BLOG SEPT 29 2021

Bridget Brown


One of the most important things I have learned in my life is to celebrate the person you are and your gifts and strengths.

Basically, each of us is magnificent! 

I love the word Magnificent because it means: impressively beautiful, elaborate, extravagant; splendid, spectacular, wonderful, Marvelous and excellent.


When you are born with a disability sometimes you don’t think you are magnificent because people focus on your disability and they don’t dwell in the possibilities. They see the disability and not our abilities.


When I was born, the world identified me only as a girl with a disability called Down Syndrome and not as a unique person with gifts to share with others

Right away they said that I had a disability so …

·         I needed therapy

·         I needed help

·         I needed an IEP

·         I had limited potential

·         I would not be able to do the same things other kids can do so I needed to learn in a special class & maybe in a different and “special” school.

But my family looked beyond my disability label. They saw my potential and dreamed of possibilities!


·         She needs some extra help & it might take a while, but she will fly with full wings.

·         She is magnificent just the way she is.   

·         Her disability doesn’t define who she is, so let’s celebrate her gifts.

·         They realized that we never segregate people we value & they believed that I was a person of value. If I was segregated the world would see me as a person who had no gifts to share with others.

·         They recognized my sacred dignity and protected that dignity.

·         They advocated to included me with all the other kids my age because all they wanted was for me was to be a valued human being in my neighborhood and community.

·         THEY DWELLED In the Possibilities!

SO, if you are a person with a disability, you make sure that you wake up every morning and say to yourself “I AM MAGNIFICENT”.   Remember every day to believe in yourself and be positive and hopeful!

It is easy for people to see your disability first and not your abilities.  You are a person of value with gifts to share with the world.  I think this is the most important thing we can do. 

Continue to share your gifts with the world!


Tuesday, September 7, 2021


 Being born with Down Syndrome has never stopped me from reaching my dreams and goals in life.  Down Syndrome is a disability that impacts every part of my life and creates both challenges and opportunities.   It is not easy to have a disability, because I have to work hard to succeed and sometimes people can put limits on my potential. However, I have learned so much on my journey and my life is filled with many blessings.


I was one of the first students fully included in my school district and community. Inclusion means that I was a full member of the general education classroom with my peers and I learned everything that other kids my age learned. I participated in any of the activities I was interested in and felt like a full participant.  Inclusion changed my life and opened doors for me that were previously closed for people with disabilities. People opened their doors, minds, and hearts to include me and I am grateful. 


Now, I live a full life in my community. I have a few jobs, I am involved in clubs, I volunteer and I am a board member for a few organizations.  Butterflies for Change is my own organization. I do public speaking and inclusion training around the country. I encourage people to think about inclusion of people with disabilities in a new way and give everyone a chance to fully participate in their school and community.


  I have learned a lot of amazing things on my journey and I want to share them with others who are designing their own lives.


In this blog I will share lots of success strategies that might be helpful for others. My strategies are things I did in my own life that helped me. I will also share many ideas about inclusion, person-centered
planning to design your own life, finding your voice, and learning to fly with full wings. I hope I can contribute and inspire people to dwell in the possibilities.


I am passionate about helping people with disabilities find their own voice and live full and exciting lives. I believe people with disabilities can be strong self-advocates and also, they can contribute in many ways in their community and be leaders. 

Bridget Brown 8/28/21 

Friday, August 27, 2021

Self Advocacy Rocks!!! Monthly Blog Post With Bridget Brown

 The importance of self-advocacy is to have the:

● Ability to make decisions that affect your life

●The Knowledge to use effective communication skills to get what you need

● Ability to access available supports when needed

Each month Family Matters Parent Training and Information Center will host a Blog post written by Bridget Brown. Bridget Brown is a young woman with Down syndrome who captures the attention of everyone with her vitality and confidence.  Bridget travels the country as an inspirational, public speaker. She speaks to audiences of students, teachers, parents, and administrators. In her keynote presentation, “Dwell in the Possibilities,” Bridget shares her incredible journey as the first person with a disability included in general education classes in her school district. She also speaks on a variety of topics that focus on living full and exceptional lives. Bridget founded an advocacy organization that is dedicated to helping people with disabilities find their voices so they can share their hopes and dreams with others.  

You can read more about Bridget by clicking here

  BLOG SEPT 29 2021 Bridget Brown   One of the most important things I have learned in my life is to celebrate the person you are and ...