Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Success Strategies

Success Strategies Blog January 2022

By Bridget Brown


I hope you had tons of fun over the holidays.  Maybe you enjoyed a little snow and hopefully, you safely had some time with family and friends.


I just started an inclusive college program at UIC and I am very excited and a little nervous.  I am in the first group of students with disabilities in this program.  It is a dream come true for me.


One thing that I have found helpful in my life, and as using as I prepare for college, is to identify all the things that help me be successful.  We call them “Success strategies”.


I use success strategies in my education, in college, and at my work. Some of my success strategies are: previewing materials, good notes taking, having a schedule, knowing what people expect of me, being organized, and asking for help when I need it. All these things help me be successful.


First, I write things that help me be successful down and then share them with the people I will be working with at school or work.  As you plan your life you might want to think of your own success strategies. Write them down and share them with others who you work with or educators if you are still in school.

A good way to discover what your success strategies are is to start your sentences with:
I AM SUCCESSFUL WHEN…. And then fill in the blank!  You can brainstorm ideas with family and friends to see what ideas they have as well.


This is a great way to get started!  I recommend you try it out and make sure you share them with others so they can help you along the way! 
Success strategies are part of the Person-Centered Plan that we have been talking about in the last few blogs.

I hope your February is lovely.

Bridget Brown

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