Friday, July 29, 2022

Social Skills to Social Success Virtual Support Group


Social Skills to Social Success

Virtual Group


Family Matters Parent Training and Information Center will be offering The Social Skills to Social Success virtual support group. This group is designed for youth ages 14-22.

It is not always easy for children with disabilities or special health care needs to make friends or build social skills. It takes work. In addition, it can make such a difference in their lives to be able to connect with other children and people outside the family.


See this testimony from our friend Zoie.

It has not always been easy for me to learn social skills. I have a diagnosis of NVLD and it makes social situations more difficult for me to navigate. Sometimes it feels like there are all of these social rules and I don’t know them. I have learned a lot since I was younger and have gained a lot of social skills. Social skills are important when it comes to making and keeping friends, carrying on a conversation, finding and keeping a job, and asking for help. A lot of people have helped me build my social skills. I feel like I learn the most from my friends. I also think it is helpful when I practice using my social skills when I talk to my doctor about my health or when I order food at a restaurant. I have been looking for a job and recently applied for a job and I was contacted for an interview. I had to use my social skills during the interview. Thankfully I was offered the job and will start soon. Building strong social skills have helped me become more independent.


The objective of social skills training is to teach students to acquire healthy social relationships by improving their social skills and social problem-solving skills. 

In our new virtual support group, we will explore different aspects of social skills and improve those skills through educational materials and group discussion.

These meetings will take place on the third Thursday of each month. You must first contact our office to receive information to join the group. This allows youth to have discussions in a safe environment. For more information, contact us at Family Matters at 1-866-436-7842


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